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Official Selection-2009 Sundance Film Festival

Bridgeport, CT- SoMuch Pictures announces its groundbreaking animated short film, “Dear Beautiful”, has been named an Official Selection by the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. (This year the Sundance Film Festival selected 200 films for exhibition from more than 9,000 submissions.)

Winner of the Moving Pictures Magazine Animated Short Film competition and screened at Cannes, “Dear Beautiful” has captured audiences and critics alike with its combination of haunting, jarring visuals and foreboding audial immersion. Using flash animation and stop motion animation techniques, Bridgeport-based director Roland Becerra and wife/production/writing partner Kelly Bigelow Becerra have created a unique and gripping animated horror-movie experience that extends beyond the run-of-the-mill grotesqueness of the genre and delves into the emotional impediments faced by all subjects in the film.


The sudden appearance of exotic flowers in New Haven spawns an unprecedented epidemic that threatens to destroy the city. Infected people cover themselves maniacally with lotions, creams, and rags, the result of a botched experiment by cosmetics giant, V-Zone.

Paul and Lauren, a married couple, are caught between the catastrophe and their own troubled relationship. Paul has grown defeated and depressed from job frustrations and their banal existence taken its toll on Lauren as she becomes more and more isolated and he descends into alcoholism.

On her way out of the house to leave Paul, Lauren encounters one of the flowers and becomes infected. As her symptoms worsen, Paul's denial of Lauren’s illness puts the couple in grave danger as the city is overrun with infected people, media frenzy, National Guard, protesters and a panicked populace.

Dear Beautiful” has garnered on-line acclaim and cult-status among both horror/science-fiction genre fans and critics drawn in by Becerra’s artistic, technical and storytelling styles. Ain’t It Cool News calls “Dear Beautiful”, “…an unforgettable and artful zombie experience”, while sci-fi website hails the infected characters in the short as “The World’s Most Beautiful Zombies”. In addition to Cannes, “Dear Beautiful” also screened at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, where it was awarded Bronze place in the audience choice competition.

Dear Beautiful” represents five and a half years of tireless work between this husband and wife collaboration. Roland and Kelly Becerra moved to Bridgeport, CT as “artist pioneers” in the city’s first artist housing development, Read’s ArtSpace. There, they met and partnered with another Bridgeport husband and wife team, Keith Saunders and Meredith DiMenna, who supplied the project with the short’s distinctive music and assisted on the script.

Sundance Screening Dates and Times:

Fri. Jan 16 9:15 AM Holiday Village IV
Fri. Jan 16 4:15 PM Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Sat. Jan 17 12:30 PM Rose Wagner Center
Sun. Jan 18 11:59 PM Egyptian Theatre
Thu. Jan 22 9:00 PM Egyptian Theatre
Sat. Jan 24 3:15 PM Eccles Theatre

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