Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"art = ass in studio"

So, I've been working -allot lately and more than I have in a really long time. Art is WORK - yes yes "labor of love" and all that - but its work. One of my closest friends said something like " no, its play. You have to convince yourself" Well, for me it was more like trying to play with a scorned lover - the cold shoulder.. the icy glances.. and constantly punishing myself for ever leaving such a thing unattended.

So, Art is work- work -work. All the artist I know work extremely hard... well at least until they have a little success and can hire minions to help them..ohh how I want minions.. lined up like factory workers-scanning, printing and cutting. : )

On a related note... Edward Winkleman is my new hero. "Art=ass in studio" is from his insightful "Rebels and Martyrs: Or, Does Great Art Require "Artistic Temperament"?"

Here's a great quote...

"Perhaps it's the way in which society allows itself to not resent the artist too much (i.e., it's not their fault...they were born that way) for living outside the standards of working and behaving more like everyone else. The irony is that most artists I know who attain some financial success behave exactly the same way any other person with money does: buying bigger property and nicer cars, taking better vacations, investing in the stock market, etc. In other words, becoming a vital part of the very society they were supposedly rebelling against. Of course, they still get to dress down and "play" in their studios, but as with everybody else, with success comes the pressure to make compromises in order to maintain it."

okay..... back to WORK!


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